Mr Dago likes to use minimal amount of equipment on his trips. Below is a list of most important gear that he uses.

Camera Gear

Panasonic Lumix G9 – ories and it fitted in carry on luggori es and it fitted in carry on luggo ries and it fitted in carry on lugg

DJI Mavic Pro – This is the original one with the fly more combo and I love it. It travels with me almost everywhere.

iPhone 7Plus – camera camera camera camera camera camera

Gopro Hero 5 Session – I take this camera to the beach and on scootes rides as it is so light and durable. Oh, and it is also my timelapse machine.

512px Panasonic.Lumix.DC G9 1


Leica 8-18 DG Vario – This lens stays on my camera almost all the time.

Olympus 45mm F1.8 Pro – this MFT lens I use for portraits, it is grerat for travel too as it is tiny.

Olympus 17mm F1.2 Pro – it is amazimg prime lens for photo and video but since I got Leica I don’t use it that much.

512px Leica.DG.8 18mm 2


Godox AD200 kit– This strobe light is so good for portraits, and very portable. I love it.

Godox Xpro – to trigger my Godox lights I use this easy to operate radio trigger.

Yongnuo YN300 Air – small and decent video LED light for decent price, I’ve got two of those.

Manfrotto Nano Stand – Model 5001B lightweight and portable lightstand

Screenshot 2020 02 23 at 21.26.54 3


Zhiyun Weebill S– The latest and greatest gimball from Zhiyun. Lightweight and portable and powerfull, the only gimball to have.

RØDE VideoMicro – small and portable microphone with great audio and no batteries needed.

Variable ND Filter – it is a must for video.

SLIK Tripod – This tripod is on the smaller side as I wanted to be portable and I kinda stuck with this one for years.


DSC 3450 4


Macbook Pro 15″ Touch bar – I was using windows computers my whole life, but after switching to Apple in 2016 I never looked back.

Sandisk SSD – this small and portable ssd drive always travels with me. I’ve got the 1TB version.

Seagate 8TB drive – I use two of them to store all my files and buckups

512px MacBook Pro 2016 %28Unsplash%29 5